Born in the glamorous city of Buenos Aries, Michelle was adopted in the 1970's. She spent her formative years in the US, on both coasts, and in the Western Pennsylvania territory . While living in Paris, she began her art making, in street photography. It is her staunch belief that the creative idea dictates the medium. Some themes she has explored in her work are mythos, desire, transformation, and belonging. She has worked in both analog and digital photography, video, installation, performance, happenings, and now paintings as performance.  She currently lives in San Francisco living betwixt trees and fog.  

This current body of portraits, seeks to celebrate an eclectic group of people from history, pop culture and somewhat forgotten history. I celebrate all lives, great and small. The foibles of the human condition are what makes us real . There can be joy and humor found in how ridiculous and sublime we all are.  I decided to call this site un petit apercu, meaning  a little bit, or to catch a glimpse of, which is what I do. Some portraits are more clear then others.